Passport to Progress

Values Education for Life


P2P is a programme developed to support NEET young people in their journey towards independence and employment.

We offer flexible sessions, either 1:1 or in small groups, over 12 hours of client contact time.

P2P is suited to young people at the start of their progression journey, or to those who have lost their way on their current programme.

We  aim to address a variety of ‘barriers’, including self esteem issues, behaviour management, team working skills, etc. Our focus is on developmental  intervention that will assist the young person to mature from an ego- centric and self centred position of “me” to that of , “you, and me” and eventually a communitarian position of  “us”.

If you are interested why not contact us in order to find out more about what this intervention programme can offer.

Charity Registration Number 1000241

     Values Education for Life     01827 711425

   Values Education for Life

Values Education for Life