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Do you have one day a week or more to spare to help young people who are experiencing difficulties in their lives?

If you do we are seeking volunteers to offer mentoring support on a regular basis with- in the Nuneaton and Bedworth area.

We will provide full training and supervision and volunteers will work as part of a team in order to provide this invaluable support.

Financial assistance will be available to volunteers by payment of reasonable out of pocket expenses.

For further information about becoming a volunteer worker please telephone:

01827 711425

OR write to

David Rowse,

Community House,

Coleshill Road,

Atherstone,North Warwickshire, CV9 1BN


send us an email requesting more information

Charity Registration Number 1000241

Helping Hands..

Is an intervention programme for young people at risk of social and educational exclusion delivered through the use of trained volunteer mentors and a process of values clarification and social maturation.

The Need....

The complexities of modern life are proving more and more difficult for an increasing number of young people to cope with. The incidence of youth mental health difficulties continues to rise and there are  now

Meanwhile premanent excxlusions from schools are growing. it is estimated that only 15% of excluded children return to full time, mainstream education. There is a link between exclusions from school and crime. The Audit Commission has found that 42% offenders of school age who were sentenced in the youth courts had been excluded from school. The characteristics of young people who are not participating are diverse, although there are some groups that are at particular risk of becomiing NEET (not in education, employment or training) This includes, for example, those with few or no qualifications and those with health problems, disabilities and low aspirations.

Teenage suicide is a serious and growing problem. The teenage years can be emotionally turbulant and stressful. Teenagers face increasing pressures to succeed and fit in with their peer group.

Disaffection with what education and training can offer, together with other social issues may frequently lead to a sense of hopelessness, lack of self confidence,  self esteem and personal inadequacy. These can have a  negative effect on individuals for the rest of their lives.

But don't take our word for it, see what young people have to say for themselves in the video below.

Our Response..

"Helping Hands" provides invaluable support for those young people most at risk through disaffection  and truancy. In particular it offers those who may have social, emotional and behavioural difficulties the opportunity to regain their self esteem and sense of personal worth and responsibility within a social and educational context. This support programme works in collaboration with the school system and other statutory and voluntary agencies.

Each young person is provided with an individual programme of personal, social and character development and the necessary individual support needed to enable the programme to succeed. This may include working with the family where appropriate an a basis of mutual co-operation whilst introducing trained volunteer workers to provide each young person with focussed help and support.

The programme includes education and training elements, individual counselling and a number of selected learning and developmental experiences designed to promote self esteem and confidence. There is an emphasis on developing a better sense of personal responsibility and ecouragement to more adequately understand the structures of society and what society can offer.

In particular "Helping Hands" targets that group of young people who are at high risk of social and educational exclusion and aims to provide appropriate personal support for vulnerable youngsters that will enable them to remain in their school and take full advantage of their educational and training opportunities.

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