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At aTrustee Meeting held on the 24th January 2018 it was proposed and unanimously agreed by the trustees that the contents of a Feasibility Study presented by the Chair should be accepted in full. This constitutes the fist formal move in a process of establishing a new Safe School in the Nuneaton and Bedworth area of North Warwickshire for September 2020.

As a consequence of this decision a sub-committee will be formed that will take the project forward towards its ultimate goal of a new Safe School.

The Feasibility Study is printed below in full for further information.

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From this preparatory work Values Education for Life has prepared a Prospectus  which outlines not only the content of the curriculum, but equally important the intrinsic Ethos, or Ethically driven 'spirit' which drives the dynamics of how it operates.

This is generally based on a sense of British Values and includes and harmonises the Platonic ethical base encapsulating what it spiritually means to live a moral life with the Aristoloneon  virtues identifying and illustrating moral action within this context.

It also examines the importance of developmental psychology in the better understanding of a young person's complex and sometimes extremely difficult early life experiences, atogether with the impact that this might have on normal social maturation and negative anti social attitudes and behaviour.

To view the new Safe School Prospectus please click on the arrow of the right hand corner of the box below.

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