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Progress supports at least 840 young people aged 15 - 25 years old to oversome the personal barriers and challenges preventing them from engaging positively in learning or work and provides a clear pathway for young people to increase their skills and take the first steps on their future career path through training or employment.


Values Education for Life took over the running of Keresley College, just outside Coventry, on the 8th October, 2020.

The College is part of a Framework that provides alternative education for up to 22 young people aged 15 to 16 who are unable to attend main stream schools.

The College provides a full time education with an emphasis on English, Maths and Science together with personal development and experience designed to assist maturation.

Where appropriate the course leads to recognised national qualifications and support in progressing to employment, further education or an apprenticeship.

The college will be shortly setting up its own web site and further detailed information will be available at www.keresley-college.uk.

We believe that all young people should have the opportunity to reflect on their personal values, to engage in group discussion about these and then to discuss and consider whether their values reflect what they sincerely believe.

Values Education for Life offers these opportunities to young people and encourages them to reflect on and discuss positive values and principles that will enable them to live a constructive and spiritually satisfying life. We then engage them in community activity that will allow them to test their principles against the reality of the world that they live in.

We encourage the young people we work with not only to reflect on their own values and the values of others, but to also engage in practical work that provides opportunities for them to help others in their communities and develop and understand the importance of being a thoughtful and principled member of their community.

For example, a group of young people volunteer to give up part of their weekends and holidays in order to visit and work with residents of a local old peoples' home.

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Helping Hands

An intervention programme for young people at risk of social and educational exclusion delivered through the use of trained volunteer mentors and a process of values clarification and values education.

Service to Others

We encourage young people to make a difference to others within their communities through voluntary work. Through a formal framework of service the young person can develop as a person better equipped to face the challenges that they will face in their lives

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